As the travel industry prepares for a rebound after the pandemic, hoteliers and resort owners need to gear up for the 130% increase in the number of holiday makers and guests in 2022. It not only becomes important at times such as these to find and retain good employees but more importantly to prevent them from an early burn-out.

The hospitality industry needs to be constantly fueled to keep itself free for its core purpose, that of looking after guests. People’s priorities have changed after the pandemic and with more and more people preferring to stay in their hometowns, staffing is at an all-time low. Hospitality tech can relieve the load of the hotel staff and help them improve the guest experience.

Let’s see how!

Mobile check-ins mean happier staff and guests

Having a hotel tech tool creates a seamless process of check-in by eliminating long lines at the front desk or reception. It also relieves hotel staff of work that can now be handled through tech which allows them more time for meaningful guest engagement. Even your guests can be at utmost ease with hotel guest apps that allow direct check-in through their mobiles. This is a win-win for both guests and the employees because while one feels pampered, the other feels productive. It is highly likely that the guest will be back for a repeat experience.

Automated Service request equals lesser costs

Automated service requests can free staff to provide better services where actually needed. People are on revenge travel and how! Guests want prompt service around the clock and no one likes to be put on hold by the front desk. They find it easier to send a request through their mobiles or tablets and this is when a hotel app can be of great help. It also cuts down on manpower and labour costs. A close set of staff bonds better and can thus add a lot to the guest experience.

Clearing the lines of communication for better efficiency

More often than not, pressure is created on staff and management alike, if there isn’t clear communication between them and their guests. It becomes the hotel management’s task to review their management systems from time to time so that work efficiency is not affected. Digitalization can help prioritize tasks and regulate the workflow of the team. It also helps update tasks on time and integrate them with various departments like housekeeping, front desk, dining, etc.

The bottom line then is- happier staff=happier guests=happier management!

This equation cannot be questioned or denied. While everyone works for remuneration, in the long run, it is overall well-being that one looks for. The introduction of hospitality tech can enhance this feeling of well-being for sure! And Oneguest can be that cutting-edge hospitality tech solution for your property that can let your staff lay their focus on other areas in a way that can maximize guest satisfaction. Not just this, with Oneguest you can also introduce these amazing features for your property: Online Check-in/out, Multilingual Chat, In-room dining, Service bookings, and a lot more. Wish to know in detail about us?

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Technology has made our lives easier and has proved to simplify our day-to-day operations.
Likewise, in the hospitality industry digital technology has taken over their daily operations and significantly improved the staff efficiency and retention rate. 

In fact, a recent study revealed; to attract more guests, self-service technology will become important to 73% of hoteliers. Also, web check-in/out is one of the most demanded services by guests in the hospitality industry. 

Oneguest is a complete digital solution for hotels that allows guests to enjoy seamless and contactless services, including hassle-free web check-in /out along with the benefit of having a mobile key. 

The top reasons why a hotel must offer web check-in/out facilities to its guests: 

1) Increases guests’ convenience- Regardless of what age group your guests fall in, nowadays everyone is tech-savvy. Also, people generally are in a hurry and prefer convenient ways that can hasten their tasks.  Your hotel giving them an option of web check-in/checkout can actually make it a lot more convenient for your guests as they can check-in and checkout with their own devices.

2) Reduces front desk queues  – Your guests arrive at your property after a long and tiring journey. And providing them an option of bypassing the front desk queue by web check-in/out through their mobiles can allow them to relax and proceed with other things. A study also proved that web check-in and checkout can reduce a guest’s time consumption by 70%.

3) Reduce staff’s workload- Traditional check-in/checkout procedures keep the hotel’s front desks busy and sometimes the longer queues get overwhelming for the staff members too to handle. Deploying tech that can make this procedure digital can help a great deal in managing staff’s efforts too.

4) Up-selling services – If a guest is downloading an app for web check-in and checkout chances are they might end up using other digital services also that your hotel provides. Use this chance to promote and upsell all the other services and experiences provided by your hotel and in turn increase the hotel revenue. One app, a solution to all your problems. 

5) Enhances guests’ satisfaction and promotes a contactless experience- Web check-in and checkout help you comply with the safety norms of the new normal. Not just this, it also maximizes guest satisfaction by saving their time, avoiding the hassle of standing in a queue, reducing touchpoints for them, and bringing everything to their devices.

Give your guests a memorable experience and gain their loyalty with a simple digital solution. No extra tools/hardware required. Book your free demo with Oneguest now.

Travelers around the world are preparing their bucket lists and ticking them off with gusto. Revenge travel is here to stay and how! Instead of earning and saving, people prefer to travel and have made it a top priority. It’s more of an investment in themselves.

Therefore, as a hotelier or resort owner, it’s time you gear up to serve your guests better. You can make this a smooth experience with the help of digitalization. In other words, let new-age tech do the work for you and leave your guests satisfied! Oneguest Partner has some amazing features that help you digitize your guest journey at every step. Take a look-

Hotel profile

Having an online presence of your brand on tech platforms helps your guests know details about your property that makes it easier for them to zero-in an option. Everything from your contact info, your specialties, to the feedback that guests can give you, are all available at one place. An attractive hotel profile is sure to give you a competitive edge over others.

Online Check-in

Long queues at the reception, loads of documentation, and check-in issues mean that it’s not a great start for your guest at your property. They say well begun is half done and an Online Check-in empowers your guest to do that from the comfort of his or her home. Guests can also submit their ID’s and sign their GRC digitally. Our mobile key room access takes it a step further and gives your guest the ease of safe entry.

Upsell experiences

You can offer an array of experiences like providing a verified list of local cafés or restaurants in the city that serve authentic cuisine and the speciality of your region or adventurous activities around the hotel. Activities like hiking, a leisurely day at the Spa, or an activity park for the children can be organised with the help of local vendors. So, when your guests book your property a second time, you have the inventory of their varied interests and can offer those. You’ll be earning guest loyalty in the bargain.

In-room food ordering

Digitalization comes with many benefits for your guests and one of those perks is having the luxury of ordering in their favourite food and enjoying it on their bed while lounging around. Buffets are not everyone’s choice. Some couples might want to enjoy their meal in the privacy of their room and this is when our in-room ordering comes in handy.


After all, you certainly need to establish an unbreakable bond with your guests and a chat feature helps you do just the same. Stay connected throughout the guests’ journey and even after they leave your property. Our multilingual chat feature can be of great help to guests of various ethnicities. You can interact with them one on one and make their journey a personalized one. A live chat for hotel websites can be a complete game-changer.


A targeted, timely Push-notification is a great call to action. Your guest can be kept well-informed about an upcoming event a couple of hours prior to it so that he can take a well-informed decision. A push notification can be most impactful if you have the data to know your guests’ preferences beforehand. It is a great way of cashing in on upsell opportunities as well.

Well, there’s more!

What’s in

A very unique offering is ‘what’s in’ which helps you list the ingredients in a particular dish. A guest who is allergic to peanuts or has dietary preferences like being a vegan, can be informed pre-hand about what he can order. The end result of course, is a happy and satiated guest.

Right from the time your guest checks in, to the time he leaves, Oneguest partner helps you give him something to take home- memories of a lifetime and a reminder to re-visit. 

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Nature and hotels are undeniably connected. While people travel for various purposes like work, conferences, or holidays, most of them are lured by beautiful landscapes painted by nature. A report by Booking’s Sustainability 2021, states that 73% of travelers tend to choose an accommodation that has adopted sustainability practices. The pandemic has resulted in a new breed of travelers who wish to stay at brands that can help them improve their ecological footprint. The percentage of these travelers is a whopping 83%.

These numbers prove that building a strategy around sustainability is important. Hotels need to adapt to the changing needs of conscious guests by offering them sustainable travel. This in turn also means more business, more profitability, and better returns.

Go digital save paper

One of the biggest wastes generated in hotels is that of paper. Hotels use paper for the purpose of registrations, brochures, leaflets, etc. If these are done digitally, it can save paper from piling up. It’s also essential to upscale processes like check-in, checkout, or data records with digitalization. This is a great way to save precious time and natural resources.

It’s easier for guests to check marketing information on their phones or laptops rather than on brochures and leaflets.

Keep constant communication with guests

A recent survey reveals that 41% of guests prefer live chat. It is an innovative way to keep up with recent hospitality norms which demand guests’ safety with paperless, contactless communication. Hotels can save on resources like water, air conditioning, and paper by sending positive messages related to environmental sustainability as guests are already conscious. Push notifications can come in handy to convey information instead of printed ones.

Service portions as per need

Hotels can contribute to the environment by preventing the wastage of food in buffets during ceremonies, conferences etc. Based on their preferences, they know the quantity that should be prepared according to the number of people attending these events, as this information is previously known. Similarly, lots of guests are now turning vegan, which is a great way to control the emission of greenhouse gases.

Say no to plastic

The hotel industry contributes to a lot of plastic wastage with key cards, plastic containers, toiletry wrappings, utensils, single-use plastic straws, and so many other things. You’ll know if you ever saw a hotel garden strewn with plastic waste once a party is over and the guests have left for home.

Change is the name of the game and hotels can do their bit by swapping plastic with technology and biodegradable materials. A lot of them are doing it but the numbers need to go higher. These compostable materials take much less time than plastic to break down.

In a similar fashion, a lot of other things as well as the things listed above can be done by resorting to technology in your property. Right from taking all your processes digital to introducing mobile key, chat features, and in-app notifications, you can do it all with the one-stop hospitality tech solution Oneguest.

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Hotels have numerous touchpoints where guests interact with the staff or get connected via the app, and this is why the hotel experience is quite different from the retail one. What matters the most is swiftly delivering the best services and experience to guests. In today’s scenario, however, technology facilitates a smooth contactless digital experience throughout the guest journey – before, during, and after their stay.

Not only is it important to gain guest trust via contactless hospitality-tech but it’s also important to train the hotel staff to minimize the potential to come into direct contact with guests while also delivering a seamless and personalized staying experience.

Technology-aided personalization in hotels

Unarguably, modern guests want a completely relevant and frictionless experience. The world offers endless options to choose from and people have become highly conscious of their choices. Why do you think that 600 new Greek Yogurt variants were launched in the US alone? Because the millennials and Gen-Z are very picky and everything they consume is visualized as an extension to their personality. Not to forget, social media plays a huge role in building this persona and the same principles apply when this new age stays in a hotel and consumes certain services.

Rightly said by the author, Arthur C. Clarke – Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic! This definitely hits the bull’s eye when we talk about the personalization of stays in hotels through technology and offering a seamless pre, during and post-stay experience. Imagine how delighted your guests would be finding their most-loved beverages in the minibar of their hotel room when they arrive! Is it any less than magic for them?

Research over the years has shown that the majority of guests want tailor-made offers and an experience that fits in with their choices for which they are ready to share a certain amount of personal information. When Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming platforms are personalizing the content that people view, then surely hotels can personalize what sort of room guests want to stay in and what they want to eat! This is where hospitality-tech and hotel apps can provide an easy solution in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

Moving from customized services to hyper-personalization!

Delivering a great guest experience always requires personalized interactions. It could be as simple as in early days where the hotel concierge would greet frequent guests by name, or it could be setting the preferred room temperature. From these little things, the hospitality industry is now shifting to a new era and embracing hyper-personalization. Technology has made it easier to access guest preferences and use them to assist the day-to-day hotel operations and hyper-personalize the staying experience and services for guests.

About Oneguest- All in one guest experience platform

Oneguest is the best-in-class hospitality technology for luxury hotels & resorts to provide a safe, seamless, and hyper-personalized guest experience. It helps hotels to differentiate their hospitality and engage guests digitally before, during, and after their stay.

Thus, creating a single tech solution for all hotel needs and empowering guests with only one app to communicate their eating and staying preferences to any hotel around the world. This gives hospitality partners the chance to customize the minutest of things for the guests, from bed and pillow type to minibar contents and room fragrance, from every meal consumed to infotainment channels streamed in the room.

A zero capital expenditure solution, revolutionizing the future of hospitality!

Ushering into the new decade, into a new dawn, the hospitality industry definitely needs to adapt to the changing global paradigms and guest needs. Will hoteliers be able to re-engineer hospitality and personalize their offerings for different sets of people such as luxury travellers, young families, physically challenged guests, or beach fanatics?

Why is hospitality tech a necessity for hotels today?

A seamless digital hotel experience is now a mandate for a hotel at all times – pre, during, and post the guest stay. Smart IT capabilities are the current expectation of our industry, and this goes true for the hotel guests as well as the staff. Going digital and adopting innovative solutions to deliver a seamless, safe, and differentiated guest experience has now become crucial for hotels to stay ahead in the game.

The guest of today has unique preferences, personal choices, eating habits, dietary regime, and health concerns. Smart hospitality solutions let you tailor the complete in-room experience, amenities, ambience, F&B items & meals, services, just everything that guests want!  Using these individual guest preferences and combining them with analytical insights, a lot can be achieved that was long forgotten.

Smart Analytics optimizes hotel operations

Smart Analytics is now powering the operations of a number of hotels and making them profitable. It lets hotels segment guests in groups, identify patterns and choices, and discover actionable insights for better inventory planning and decision-making. Thus, every department in hotels, be it F&B, housekeeping, concierge, Marketing, or Sales can be easily optimized. Our solution helps you unearth the goldmine of information to make every department efficient, minimize costs, and allocate your resources wisely, focussing on services and events which are highly profitable.

Targeted Push Notifications bring more business!

Targeted interest-based push notifications for your hotel events can really convert into a sale. Whether it be the Jazz musical soiree, French wine-tasting, spiritual yoga retreat camp, gourmet seafood buffet, or any other event that you organize, by accessing your guests’ preferences and interests you can easily go ahead with segmentation. Further, you can multiply your in-house spends through targeted promotions and optimize resources via Smart Analytics. A completely win-win situation – Increasing profits and reducing costs!

About Oneguest- All in one guest experience platform

Oneguest is the best-in-class hospitality technology for luxury hotels & resorts to provide a safe, seamless, and hyper-personalized guest experience. It helps hotels to differentiate their hospitality and engage guests digitally before, during, and after their stay.

Thus, creating a single tech solution for all hotel needs and empowering guests with only one app to communicate their eating and staying preferences to any hotel around the world. This gives hospitality partners the chance to customize the minutest of things for the guests, from bed and pillow type to minibar contents and room fragrance, from every meal consumed to infotainment channels streamed in the room.

A zero capital expenditure solution, revolutionizing the future of hospitality!

The share of mobile hotel booking is constantly increasing. Are you using this trend to your benefit? 

94% of leisure travelers switch between devices when planning or booking a trip. It goes without saying that one of these is nothing but a smartphone. So, just give it a thought, if your guests are using their phone for finding a hotel and getting in touch with you, then shouldn’t you be all geared up with extensive mobile-friendly services too? 

2020 traveler – always on, always connected 

Consumers no longer wait to get home; they just reach into their pocket and take immediate action there and then on a mobile. So, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile is shaping the way trips are planned, hotels are booked, nearby places to visit and things to do are searched and even the payments are made.  

And surprise, surprise

Failure to provide a good mobile experience to your guests means your competitor just gained a new guest. 

So, it is high time that you think about giving your guests the digital experience through a luxury hotel app to keep them glued to you. 

Here we are listing a few key things that you should consider in order to take your guests’ digital experience a notch higher. 

  • Mobile hotel website 

Firstly, your hotel website must be user-friendly and responsive, i.e. it should look perfect and be super smooth to use when opened on a mobile phone. Make sure the page speed is lightning fast and takes no more than a few seconds to load on user’s phone. Lastly, the content. Keep the content crisp and to the point. In short, your website should be well-designed and easy to navigate through. Solutions like Oneguest offer hotels to create a stunning profile on the app and as soon the user checks-in to your hotel, the app completely adapts to your hotel’s look & feel showcasing your services, amenities, directory and more.

  • Guest Experience Tools

Having a website is like luring the customer but in order to retain them you need to have great guest experience tools. By great guest experience tools, we mean better navigation and minimum steps to complete a task. 

A few more things to consider when implementing such a solution: 
  • Contactless check-in and check-out: This can’t be emphasized enough in today’s tough time of pandemic. Everybody is worried about their safety and being a hotel, it is your responsibility to present your guests with solutions that are made for these times and guarantee complete safety as well as peace of mind for your guests.  
  • Don’t just sell rooms or beds: If you wish to be more successful and bring more sales in, your hotel app should be a one-stop-shop for travelers. Choose a comprehensive hotel experience solution that allows service booking though guest’s phone, multiple bookings in one transaction, gift vouchers and more.
  • Multi-lingual: As you have guests coming in from all across the globe, it is important to provide language options for your online customers to choose from. This will improve their convenience and your chances for conversion. Answer their queries in their preferred language before, during and post stay. These type of chat services are known to increase direct bookings by 400% and conversion by 6-10 times. 

Once you will complete the above steps towards your perfect mobile online presence, you will start getting more direct bookings that have lower acquisition costs as compared to bookings done through OTAs. 

About Oneguest 

The Oneguest app thrives on the concept of enabling hotels to deliver contactless and hyper-personalised guest experiences. It is world’s first user powered universal hotel app that allows your guests to do more than just online check-ins and check-outs. With Oneguest, your hotel gets featured to travelers across the globe which helps with more direct bookings. Using the innovative features, your guests can order food in the room, chat with hotel staff & place service requests while you get access to their in-depth eating and staying preferences to completely personalize the in-room amenities, ambience, meals and much more. This novel concept is the most tech-friendly solution that helps to make travel and stays completely contactless, safe and seamless. Moreover, you can get all this without any capital expenditure. A win-win for both, you and your guests. So, contact now to get started.

Communication is the most important factor when it comes to the hotel-guest relationship. Understanding what your guests need and want from you helps deliver better services that boost guest satisfaction. Being able to promptly respond to guest’s queries and requests is the need of the hour, and it is not always so easy to cater to every guest during rush hours. 

The latest hospitality tech has simplified and amplified many aspects of the guest journey, one of them being guest engagement and communication. Gone are the days of picking up the telephone and calling the reception to ask about or book services or request for additional room amenities. With all your hotel’s offerings and services laid out on guests’ smartphones, it has never been this easy to browse through the list of services you provide. 

Guests can now easily connect with your staff via chat to have any queries answered or have any grievances addressed. Not only this, with the multilingual chat feature that translates text on the fly, the communication can easily be carried out in the choice of language of your guests. This can bridge the communication gap between the staff and guests, ensuring fluid and smooth communication and a much better experience.

The chat feature can be utilized for a plethora of things that can help the hotel and the guest alike:

Prompt response to guest queries

Providing guests with quick responses for any queries or questions and facilitating prompt solutions is one of the biggest factors that leads to higher guest satisfaction. The multilingual chat feature was built exactly for this, so that all guests’ can be engaged and responded to in good time without missing any query.

Providing services with ease

Having to call the reception over and over to get amenities like toiletries or tea\coffee delivered to the room is a hassle for the guest, especially if it is rush hour and it takes multiple calls to get through! Instead of having to wait in line for the call, guests can simply send a message over chat for whatever they need and the hotels can provide.

Seamless communication among the staff

Not only can the staff use the chat feature to communicate with guests, it can be used for internal staff communication as well. Often times, tasks that are not written down can be forgotten and this can cause unnecessary delays in service deliveries to guests, which can drastically impact the guests’ satisfaction. Using the chat feature inter or intra department for communication, number of forgotten tasks can be reduced and the process can be streamlined for the hotel.

Lesser staff required to cater to more guests

Since a lot of the work can be done with the utilization of automated messaging using pre-defined responses and templates, the amount of staff required to answer to every guest query is reduced drastically, freeing up time to cater to other tasks. This can create great efficiency among the staff.

Revenue opportunities through custom deals and offers

With the availability of automated messaging, guests can be sent customized deals and offers that entice them to buy more services ensuring that your hotel generates more revenue, which is imperative to successful operations.

Oneguest offers its partner hotels a real-time text translation chat feature, called multilingual chat, which helps streamline the combination between the hotel staff and the guest staff communication as well, helping increase efficiency and at the same time boost guest satisfaction! 

Explore the Oneguest platform today and get the best hospitality tech for your hotel and guests!

The modern traveller has become increasingly dependent on technology in today’s day and age, getting all their bookings done online whether it be booking rides to the airport or checking-in for their flights. With smart devices having become a part of their everyday lives, why not provide them a smart way for their stays at your hotels?
Provide your guests with a seamless, contactless, personalized and luxurious experience by incorporating smart technology that drives customer satisfaction and boosts your revenue.
The latest hospitality tech offers a wide range of solutions and benefits for decade old problems, taking down language barriers for enhanced communication, gaining insights into guests’ unique preferences to facilitate personalized experiences and creating compelling upsell and cross-sell strategies on the basis of guest data to entice guests to book more services.

How exactly does this technology achieve all of these great benefits?

Throughout the guests’ journey, from pre-stay to post checkout, guests can be engaged repeatedly with a vast variety of features offers:


Engage with your guests even before their arrival by sending them personalized welcome messages and great deals and offers like room-upgrades or additional service bookings that boost satisfaction while at the same time help in higher revenue generation, before the guests arrive.

Online check-in

Avoid unnecessary hassle and long queues on the day of your guests’ arrival by providing them with the ability to check-in online using their smartphones from the comfort of anywhere. You can also send them customized deals and offers for arrival drinks or dishes driving further sales for your in-house restaurants.

Multilingual chat

Many guests now come from different places, domestic or international and speak many different languages. But, don’t let this be a hassle for their stay at your hotel! Communicate with your guests in the language of their choice through real-time translation with the multilingual chat and ensure they get a welcome feeling at your property.

In-room dining

Often, guests who have travelled far and long are too exhausted to step out of their rooms to experience the fine wining and dining services offered by your hotel. With digital menus and ordering through their smartphones, let your guests experience the best offerings from your hotel right in their rooms and boost satisfaction and revenue!

Customized deals and offers.

Hotels nowadays offer a variety of different activities and events to provide entertainment to their guests. With insights into guests data, analyse their interests and likings to create tailored offers for your guests and drive engagement and satisfaction. Sending messages or notifications for things that your guests love can greatly elevate your chances of selling out these events and drastically enhance your guests’ satisfaction!

Online checkout

Just like easy check-ins, you can facilitate guests’ checkout experience by providing them with the facility to initiate their checkout through the use of their smartphones. Not just this, you can aid them in their travel to other locations by promoting shuttle services and provide them with a swift and smooth checkout experience. You can also collect guests’ feedback and reviews and resolve any conflicts or grievances they faced during their stay.

Post stay deals and offers

Once the guests’ have departed from your hotel, continue to engage them with customized messages, thanking them for their stay. You can also send them deals and offers for their next stay or special deals for stays on occasions, for e.g. birthdays or anniversaries, and ensure your hotel is the first choice that comes to mind for their next stay!

Oneguest’s revolutionary hospitality technology helps hotels provide a seamless, contactless and personalized experience to their guests while at the same time aiding in optimizing operations and mitigating unnecessary expenditure. Oneguest helps hotels in achieving higher revenue by promoting customized deals and offers on the fly and helps convert first time visitors into repeat guests.

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Personalization has come to be the most vital implementation in the hospitality industry with millions of modern travels and guests expecting some sort of personalization from their stay partners. In the modern era of technology, it is no longer a farfetched thought to know and understand your guests even before their arrival to provide them a memorable stay through personalization. Even the smallest of things like bedding type or room temperature can play a huge role in the level of satisfaction obtained by your guests. 

Through the use of dedicated applications that can be easily downloaded by your guests on their smartphones, you can obtain a bunch of information about their likes and dislikes. Getting insights into this guest data can help you make decisions that help in the complete personalization of their stay. 

Technology developed specifically for the hospitality industry can help you overhaul and revamp the way you interact with your guests, not only making direct communication as streamlined as it has ever been, but providing the most personalized experiences, from pre-arrival to post checkout. With pre-designed templates for communications like welcome messages, promotional up-sell and cross sell offers and customized targeted push notifications, you can keep your guests engaged throughout their stay. Not only this, you can communicate with your guests via chat in the language of their choice, with real-time text translation features that are available today. With access to guests’ profiles, you can gain insights into their historic spending patterns, activities of choice and cuisine preferences as well, ensuring you send them personalized offers that entices them to buy more services.

Another huge benefit is that you can improve your operational efficiency.  Staff can easily communicate among themselves or with guests easily and swiftly with features like multilingual chat. They can also respond to guests’ queries or address complaints or grievances by providing prompt responses. Even stock and inventory management can become a breeze with technology, always keeping stocked up on the products that are doing well with your guests.

Implementing and integrating the latest technology, your hotel’s staff and guests can avail access to a plethora of tools that simplify day-to-day activities, automate marketing efforts and enhance communication through the entirety of the guests’ stay, even post their departure.

Post-stay communication has become a must to ensure your guests had a satisfactory experience and have a positive outlook towards your property through feedbacks and reviews. Not only this, once the guests have left your property, you can use pre-defined templates to schedule and send automated messages to guests thanking them for their stay and also provide them with enticing deals and offers ensuring you are the first choice for their next stay. 

Introducing Oneguest, a platform to revolutionize your hotel operations while giving the best possible experience to your guests.  With personalization at every touch point of the guest journey, boost guest satisfaction, elevate the guest experience and generate more sales and revenue through customized and targeted deals and offers. 

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