Personalization has come to be the most vital implementation in the hospitality industry with millions of modern travels and guests expecting some sort of personalization from their stay partners. In the modern era of technology, it is no longer a farfetched thought to know and understand your guests even before their arrival to provide them a memorable stay through personalization. Even the smallest of things like bedding type or room temperature can play a huge role in the level of satisfaction obtained by your guests. 

Through the use of dedicated applications that can be easily downloaded by your guests on their smartphones, you can obtain a bunch of information about their likes and dislikes. Getting insights into this guest data can help you make decisions that help in the complete personalization of their stay. 

Technology developed specifically for the hospitality industry can help you overhaul and revamp the way you interact with your guests, not only making direct communication as streamlined as it has ever been, but providing the most personalized experiences, from pre-arrival to post checkout. With pre-designed templates for communications like welcome messages, promotional up-sell and cross sell offers and customized targeted push notifications, you can keep your guests engaged throughout their stay. Not only this, you can communicate with your guests via chat in the language of their choice, with real-time text translation features that are available today. With access to guests’ profiles, you can gain insights into their historic spending patterns, activities of choice and cuisine preferences as well, ensuring you send them personalized offers that entices them to buy more services.

Another huge benefit is that you can improve your operational efficiency.  Staff can easily communicate among themselves or with guests easily and swiftly with features like multilingual chat. They can also respond to guests’ queries or address complaints or grievances by providing prompt responses. Even stock and inventory management can become a breeze with technology, always keeping stocked up on the products that are doing well with your guests.

Implementing and integrating the latest technology, your hotel’s staff and guests can avail access to a plethora of tools that simplify day-to-day activities, automate marketing efforts and enhance communication through the entirety of the guests’ stay, even post their departure.

Post-stay communication has become a must to ensure your guests had a satisfactory experience and have a positive outlook towards your property through feedbacks and reviews. Not only this, once the guests have left your property, you can use pre-defined templates to schedule and send automated messages to guests thanking them for their stay and also provide them with enticing deals and offers ensuring you are the first choice for their next stay. 

Introducing Oneguest, a platform to revolutionize your hotel operations while giving the best possible experience to your guests.  With personalization at every touch point of the guest journey, boost guest satisfaction, elevate the guest experience and generate more sales and revenue through customized and targeted deals and offers. 

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In a modern world where technology has impacted almost every aspect of our lives through smart devices like smartphones, it has become imperative for almost every industry to bring about digitalization in their operations to ensure they stay up to date with the modern world. 

Such is also the case in the world of hospitality, where a digital revolution has brought forward the implementation of various technological advancements aiding in the optimization of day to day operations and cultivating seamless guest communication through contactless technology. Hotels are now able to provide all of their services to guests directly on their smartphones facilitating a modern and contactless experience. Not only this, they are able to cater to guest grievances and complaints with direct communication without the hassle of picking up the phone or going to the reception. 

Offering all of your services directly on a smart device also aids hotels by requiring less staff to engage the guest at any given moment for things like providing information to services like spa facilities, gymnasium and other activities that interests guests. Guests can easily go through a list of all your service offerings directly on their devices and easily book them with the touch of a button.

For a plethora of great benefits for your hotel and your guests, witness the power and endless possibilities of the Oneguest platform. Oneguest seamlessly integrates with most market leading hospitality technology and offers great, user friendly functionality for effortless and efficient hotel operations. Our technology enables you to provide contactless and personalized experiences to your guests thereby drastically enhancing guest satisfaction. 

From pre-stay to post-checkout, our platform helps you keep your guests engaged through direct communication that too in your guests’ preferred language, all through text translation on the fly. 

Personalized stays – 

Provide your guests a personal feel by understanding their wants and needs like room temperature, mattress and bedding type, room floor and facing and more even before their arrival and boost satisfaction.

Guest data analytics –

Gain insight into your guests’ historical data to provide them a hyper personalized experience and tailored deals and offers them compels them to buy more services.

Multilingual chat – 

Engage your guests in the language of their choice by utilizing real time text translation and help alleviate language barriers.

Customized notifications –

With templates for every communication, send targeted push notifications and messages to your guests to inform them about activities and events that tickles their fancy.

Feedback and Reviews –

Promote direct resolution of guest’s complaints and in turn reap the rewards of positive reviews that entice other guests to book with you.

Post-stay communication –

Engage with your guests even after their departure and ensure that you are their first choice when they travel again.

These are only some of the great advantages that can help your hotel stand out and gain traction through Oneguest’s revolutionary technology. Witness the great potential offered by our platform by booking a free demo today and get ready to join the revolution.

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