Resolve guest requests and complaints promptly & enhance the overall guest experience

Resolve guest requests and complaints promptly & enhance the overall guest experience


Create more revenue opportunities, analyze acquired guest data and build personalized
strategies for improved guest satisfaction

Marketing Made Simple

Room Upgrades

Bring in additional revenue by promoting room upgrades

Upselling services

Persuade your guests to book additional services and bring in more revenue

Personalized offers

Segment your guests based on their interest and send targeted offers

Personalized Guest Engagement

Automated mailers

Analyze your guests’ needs and schedule personalized mailers to upsell services

Scheduled push notifications

Delight your guests at every step, send personalised push notifications

Post Stay Offers

Reward guests' loyalty by offering them exclusive post stay deals and packages

WebM Video

Predictive Analytics

Explore Advantages

We aim to help you achieve higher revenue through enhanced communication and
more direct bookings through our platform



OTA Charges Paid


Revenue Earned on

Spa, Dining & More



Direct Bookings



Room Service Delivery


Increased Profitability in

Upsell & Cross-sell

How we empower you

Explore how our platform enhances operations for your front desk, housekeeping and more


Guest Communication Personalized

Stay connected with your guests 24/7 and send targeted, personalized messages


Operational Costs Optimized

Improve staff efficiency with better communication and inventory management


Revenue Streams Energized

Discover potential revenue opportunities and grow your business by offering personalized services


Direct Bookings Amplified

Showcase all your property services and offerings in one place with a beautiful microsite listed on our platform

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